Born in Brussels, Belgium.

Marianne Garnier lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


Notebooks of all sizes are her support of choice to record ideas and moments.


Using a wide array of techniques (collage, printing, painting, drawing,…) she creates images that have appeared in many publications including Le Monde, Le Monde Diplomatique – Maniere de voir, Les Echos, Le Nouvel Observateur,…


She has worked for Odile Jacob editions and Pocket, and collaborated with design firms and advertising agencies on different institutional projects for la Mairie de Paris, la RATP and The European Community.


recent exhibitions

2015 Espace Alloué (Brussels, Belgique)

2015 group show Galerie Artitude (Brussels, Belgique)

2014 Galerie Artitude (Brussels, Belgique)

2013 Marion Sultan (NYC, USA)
2012 Galerie Werner-Wabbes (Paris, France)

2011 The RE-gallery (NYC,USA)